Monday motivation during the quarantine

Monday motivation from Karen Sawrey

Monday, friends! Time to get dressed, put on some clean clothes that you really like, sprinkle on some perfume, make-up, and jewelry if you feel like it, pour yourself a huge cup of whatever your pick-me-up drink is, and get down to work.

Let’s celebrate that we have each other and let’s appreciate what we have. If you’re working remotely, have a productive day. If you’re out of work – study, start looking for a new or a temporary gig to get you through until you can get back to your hands-on and on-the-road vocation.

Or just give yourself a little and much-needed break if you can. Pet a cat, cook a meal, talk to someone (over the telephone unless you’re self-isolating together). Take nothing for granted. Let’s make the best of whatever we have. I don’t mean to sound “feel good”, but fear and uncertainty are abundant these days. I want to be the bearer of constructive optimism.

We shall overcome.

Ah, and stay the f*ck home, unless you absolutely must go outside. Social distancing FTW!

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